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Island Candle Company cares about our customers. We also care about the health conscious community. Here are a few honest answers to the most frequently asked questions about candles, candle safety and how to get the most from your candles.

Do your candles contain lead?
In a word, NO. Our candles do not contain lead.
In voluntary cooperation with the National Candle Association and the EPA, no reputable candle manufacturer in the USA uses lead core wicks. We certainly don't. The practice of using lead core wicks in the USA essentially stopped in 1974.
Unfortunately, we cannot say this is true for candles made in China, India, Malaysia, or other overseas manufacturers.
The best way to protect yourself from lead in candles is to ONLY buy candles MADE IN THE USA.

What's that metal in the wick and why is it there?
The grey metal core that you frequently see in the wicks of US made candles is either tin or zinc alloy. It is not lead.
In 1974, the US candle industry agreed to comply with a voluntary ban on lead core wicks. The alternative was zinc and tin. Zinc/tin core wicks are frequently used in votives and softer wax candles to add rigidity and slow the burn rate down.
Zinc core wicks burn much cooler than cotton wicks and thus help smaller candles to burn more efficiently and with fewer emissions.  According to EPA studies, zinc cored wicks pose no significant or measurable health risk. However, because foreign candle manufacturers do not have to comply with the same safety standards as the U.S. candle industry, it is possible that candles manufactured outside of the USA might contain lead cored wicks. As of October 2003, they are not supposed to be imported into or sold in the USA.

How do I tell the difference between a lead core and zinc core wick if I bought my candle before October 2003?
There is a simple easy way to tell the difference between zinc core and lead core wicks. Take a white piece of paper and rub it across the exposed metal end of the wick before burning the candle. If the wick leaves grey marks on the paper which look similar to pencil markings, it is a lead core wick and should be disposed of. If you do discover a lead cored wick, please wash your hands after handling it and inform the store that you purchased it from so that they can remove these products from the shelves.

Is it true that palm, soy and vegetable wax candles are smoke and soot free?
Absolutely not!
There is no such thing as a smoke free, soot free candle!!!!
Many extravagant claims are being made by alternative wax candle companies about their products being 100% natural and 100% smoke and soot free. Many of these companies have also engaged in making completely incorrect statements about the nature of paraffin and "bad mouthing" paraffin's safety. We believe that many of these companies are misleading the public and by doing so are actually harming instead of helping the health conscious consumers to which they are marketing.  For more information on the subject of paraffin vs. alternative wax candles click here.

Do your candles put out toxic emissions when they burn?
No. According to The National Candle Association, many of the world's finest wick manufacturers and the EPA who have all conducted extensive research on the subject of candle combustion along with extensive laboratory test burning and analysis of the emissions produced by all types of candles, it has been documented that a well made candle when burning properly emits primarily two by products of combustion. Water vapor and carbon dioxide. The same two things that you emit every time you exhale. It is important that the consumer understand the importance of proper combustion. In other words, keep your wick trimmed.

What causes a candle to smoke?
The most common cause of smoke in a properly formulated candle is an untrimmed wick or drafty conditions.
If the wick is too long, the flame cannot consume all of the wax being fed to it. Much like tossing green leaves on a fire, the result is smoke. You should always trim your candle wick to 1/4 inch or less before lighting. If your candle's flame is tall and begins to smoke, extinguish it, let it cool and trim the wick. Drafts can cause brief puffs of black smoke which is primarily pure carbon. Other factors can include too much scent or too much oil in the candle, excessive amounts of low quality fragrance oil, fragrance which is not designed for candle applications, including some essential oils and soap fragrances, or a wick which is not properly sized for the wax formula. If you have trimmed your wick and removed your candle from drafty conditions and the candle still excessively smokes we suggest you immediately extinguish it and throw it away.

What causes candles to spill out onto the holder?
Many times this problem is easily avoided with proper care. Always protect your candle from drafts and wind. The candle flame should be still when burning. If the flame is dancing around it is unevenly heating the side walls. If this is allowed to continue the side wall will break down and "blow out" the side often times ruining a perfectly good candle. We recommend using a hurricane to protect your candle while burning. If you cannot find one, be sure to turn your candle every so often to prevent uneven heating. We also recommend that you limit the amount of time your candle is allowed to burn. A good rule to go by is never burn your candle more than 1 hour per inch in diameter. If your candle is 3 inch in diameter, don't burn it more than three hours at a time. Another very important habit to get in to is straightening your wick when you extinguish your candle. Most candle wicks are made from cotton and become soft and bendable when hot. They will tend to bend to one side, often positioning themselves off center. After extinguishing your candle, take a toothpick and gently center and straighten your wick while the wax pool is still warm. This will ensure that your candle is ready to burn at it's next lighting and will give you  many added hours of enjoyment.

What's a hurricane?
A nasty storm that can really ruin your vacation or a cocktail frequently found in New Orleans that gives you a really nasty headache after consumption. Just kidding! We wanted to see if you were really reading this far. If you've ever seen an oil lamp, a hurricane is the glass part on top that protects the flame. They are fairly inexpensive and can frequently be found at your local craft, hardware or import store. Look in your local Ben Franklin or Michaels Craft Store.

Do I have to use a candle holder?
We HIGHLY recommend that you always use a non flammable candle holder, even when not burning your candles. Almost all candles contain fragrance oils and color dyes which when placed on furniture, countertops or other unprotected surfaces can bleed or leave marks. The holder not only enhances your candle display it also helps protect from any wax which might spill during burning. Try using a ceramic tile from Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace Hardware, Wal-Mart or your local home improvement store.

Where do I get more information if my question isn't answered here?
We love to hear from our customers. Give us a call (808) 873-6161 or submit your questions through our feedback form and we'll do our best to either provide you with an answer or direct you to good resource who can.




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